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Common woodworking tool questions

Over the last few years, we’ve noticed a resurgence in woodworking. This is not only reflected in the number of woodworking videos being uploaded to Youtube each week, but also the growth in Men’s Sheds and other similar projects. Why is that?

Well, we put it down to two main reasons.

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Firstly is the proliferation of renovation shows on TV these days. It seems you can click through the TV channels at any time of the day and more than likely find some form of renovation show. These invariably show some form of woodworking; whether it be something as straightforward as hanging a door or maybe building a bespoke cabinet or furniture.

The second reason is what has become known as the “Maker Movement”. This is the name given to the increasing number of people taking up some form of hobby whereby they create something. These hobbies can be Macrame, Computer Programming, Blacksmithing and of course Woodworking. It is being driven by both the younger generation wanting to fight back against consumerism and our throw-away society and the older generation wanting to reconnect with their past.

What are woodworking hand tools?

This growing interest in woodworking has of course driven a need for good woodworking tools; not only for woodworking projects but also to add to woodworking tools collections. A quick trip down to the local hardware store will show a huge range of electric woodworking tools, including Saws, Sanders, Drills and Routers. But it is the woodworking hand tools that get the most love and attention. After all, for as long as we’ve worked timber we have been using hand tools.

Furthermore, woodworking hand tools are renowned for their longevity and a lot of tools made in the early 1900s (and sometimes even earlier) are still in perfect working order today. In fact, many would argue that the earlier woodworking tools are better made than the modern-day equivalent. So if you are serious about woodworking and woodworking tools, you want to include second-hand woodworking tools in your collection.

What are basic woodwork tools?

Measuring and Marking

The first step in any woodworking project is to measure and mark out the timber you are going to use. We’ve all heard the classic saying; “measure twice and cut once”. Some of the woodworking tools you use for this are:

Sawing and Cutting

Now you’ve measured the timber you need to cut it to length and shape. Some of the different hand tools here are:

Shaping and Smoothing

Chances are the timber you have isn’t the perfect shape for your woodworking project. In most instances, you will need to shape it to fit various purposes etc. These woodworking tools will allow you to do this:

Assembling and Joining

Okay, we’ve got the timber exactly how we need it, now it’s a matter of joining it all together. Here are the hand tools:

We’ve also got to have a special mention for Clamps and Vices; after all, these help keep it all together whilst we are working on our projects.

Who makes the best woodworking tools?

Well here is a loaded question. The proper answer would be whatever woodworking tools you enjoy using. After all, if someone loves their Stanley Plane then they are most likely going to buy more Stanley hand tools. But that isn’t the answer you’re after, is it?

As we’re a second-hand tool website, we’ll only give you a list of top quality second-hand tools. Which means that some of these brands are no longer being manufactured. These woodworking tool brands are sought after for both their collectability and their quality for everyday use.

So in no particular order, here is a list of quality woodworking tool brands.

Record PlanesDisston SawsEdward Preston and Sons Woodworking ToolsLie Nielsen PlanesJoseph Marples ChiselsVeritas Woodworking ToolsSpear and Jackson Woodworking ToolsMillers Falls Woodworking ToolsSargent PlanesNorris London PlanesStanley Woodworking Tools


Which woodworking tools do I need?

If you’re starting out in woodworking, you’ll need a selection of woodworking tools to get you going. So what are the minimum tools that you should consider?

Well we’ve actually written a blog post on this, so rather than rehash it here, why not go over and read our blog post:

What Woodworking Tools do I need?

So whether you’re an avid woodworker or woodworking tools collector, our online woodworking tool shop is sure to have something that you need.