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A collection of quality pliers is essential for every jeweller’s toolkit. From bending wire to holding and shaping, a range of pliers enables you to work with a huge variety of jewellery components.

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Jewellers pliers styles are varied but the main types include:

  • flat nose
  • round nose
  • chain nose
  • flat and half round pliers
  • parallel pliers

Variations of the above and other styles also cover pointed, curved chain, Econo stone setting, concave-convex, ring bending, punch, top cutting, side cutting, bent nose, long nose and needle nose variations, watchmakers pliers, bracelet bending, solder cutting, and many more.

Flat nose pliers

Flat Nose Pliers
Flat nose pliers

Fundamental for shaping, gripping, holding and bending flat metal and wire, flat nose pliers feature flat jaws which slope to a blunt straight end.

Round nose pliers

Round Nose Pliers
Round nose pliers

Great for gripping and bending loops and curves, this style of jewellery pliers is also ideal for shaping wire into detailed shapes. Featuring two round nose ends which taper to the end of the jaws. Variations include long and short jaw options

Parallel pliers

Parallel Pliers
Parallel pliers

Provide an even grip along the full length of the jaws. Great for bending right angles and fixing wire kinks, this style of pliers minimise marks metal or other materials.

Flat and half round pliers

Flat and Half Round Pliers
Flat and half round pliers

These pliers feature one side which is half round and the other side is flat. Often used to bend rings or craft earring hooks, the round side shapes the ring and the flat works as a base and reduces marks on the outer edge of the ring.

Chain nose pliers

Chain Nose Pliers
Chain nose pliers

The jaws of chain nose pliers are flat on the inside edge and round on the outside which narrow to a point at the end. This makes them ideal for use in small areas of detail and for gripping and shaping wire, head and eye pins, jump rings, and earring wires.

Chain nose pliers are also sometimes referred to as snipe nose pliers.

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