Antique Tools

Collecting antique tools

Being a tool collector makes you a part of a special society. One that appreciates heritage and workmanship. A common misconception about tool collecting is that the tools just stay on a shelf and never get used. This is not entirely the case. There are some tools that are no longer made that still have a specific purpose in the workshop. Aquiring such tools can be a struggle so extra care needs to be taken to prolong the life of the one you currently have.

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Types of tool collectors

When it comes to tool collecting there are three main types of tool collections that you could choose to pursue and start aquiring.

  • All tools: Pretty straight forward and self explainatory. The “all tools” collectors will aquire any antique, vintage or discontinued tools to add to their collection. This is one of the most common and simplest collections you can start.
  • Brand tools: These collectors only look for tools that were manufactured by a particular brand such as StanleySnap-on or Brown & Sharpe. This type of collecting requires knowledge of the products that the manufacturer produced.
  • Type of tool: This can stretch not only to only a particular type of tool such as planes orchisels but also a time period (ie. between 1860 to 1910) or country of origin such as the USA, England, Germany or even Japan.

Tool collector clubs

Another awesome thing about being a tool collector is that there are so many of us out there. To a point that there are clubs specifically set up for tool collectors and tool collecting in general. Some well known ones are:

Tool collection storage

When it comes to your collection you can put your tools where ever you feel most comfortable. Some collectors display their tools using a wall organiser while others feel that they should keep their tools in various boxes, safes and tool chests.

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