How to care for antique tools

Antique tools are an investment, not only in money but also in time and effort required to keep them in top shape. Many of us are guilty of using our tools and then putting them down until they are needed for the next build. Quite often tools are put down and then sadly misplaced and not used again for some time. Whats even sadder is when found they have either been replaced or get replaced due to rust and corrosion.

Proper storage and organisation would eliminate that problem

There are so many storage solutions out there to aid in organising your tools that there really isn’t an excuse not to have one. From tool chests and boxes to wall organisers, even a modified old cupboard would do.

The idea behind properly storing and organising your tools is so that you know where they are at all times. Once you pick a place for your tool that is that tools place. You know that it will be there when you aren’t using it.

Tool organising also comes in handy when it comes to maintenance.

Maintenance is a big part of being a tool owner, collector or user. Keeping your tools maintained ensures they work the way they should and even increases the longevity of the tool. A good practice and habit to get into is to clean your tool after each use. Below is a small list of simple things to check and do prior to putting the tool back into its place:

  • Tools with joints: ensure that there is plenty lubricant in the joint.
  • Wet tools: make sure to dry all of the water you can with a rag or cloth
  • Sharps such as chisels: check the sharpness, if it is dull sharpen it on a sharpening stone or grinder
  • Electrical tools: should always be cleared of sawdust and debris before placing back into their bag or case.

Regular inspection

Every month or two it is advised to check each tool for any wear or damage from usage. Understandably doing maintenance after each and every use isn’t always feasible so by taking the time and making sure that you inspect all your tools at intervals is a good way to ensure that no tool isn’t looked after.

Just by keeping your tools organised and maintained at the end of every use will make your future builds easier and ensure your safety and extend the life of your tools.

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