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Stanley Planes Rebate 

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    d3174 SANDUSKY Grasshopper Plane, complete, original rare plane. A$ 255 
#7456 Unusual design plane brass and steel rebate plane 8" long. A$ 65

  #6325  T S Wheeler USA Butt Mortise Plane IOB, instructions. FINE A$ 295

  #5829  Rali G03 Rabbet Plane Swiss Hand Plane in Leather Pouch has the same technical features as the large rabbet plane, but comes without fence. The blade is 30 mm wide. A$ 110

  #5830  Rali #105 block plane with laminated steel sole, parallel technical features as the 220. The blade is 48 mm wide. A$ 95

  #5831  Rali G30 Rabbet Plane for heavy duty use comes with rabbeting fence, which can be assembled left or right. The blade is 30 mm wide. A$ 155

  #5197 Rare Lancashire Plane 18" long, tote has small crack at base but very solid still and plane has a little pitting, very rare size to find. A$ 995

  rare  Very Rare Mathieson Glasgow Smoog Plane, original cutter, original tote with parcel decal on top, when was the last time you saw one like this. A$ 495

  C125   RareIllinois Stamping& MFG Co "Up-To-Date" Rabbet & Router Plane, Gauge and marker. It is particularly adaptable for setting hinges & locks.  This description is in Roger Smith Vol II page308.  All original. A$ 450

#3133 Nice Hand Scraper, solid brass brass with great 10 1/2" timber handle. A$ 110

#3135 Nice Scraper Plane looks rosewood with another type timber base, beautiful. A$ 125

#3051Early Scraper Plane, nice and heavy, wonderfully made, great to add to your collection, 7" long with 2" wide cutter, owners mark on lever cap. A$ 295

  N802  Stanley #11 SW Belt Makers Plane, 90% original japanning, good sw cutter, nice handle. A$ 350

  N827  Stanley #11 Belt Makers Plane, excellent full cutter, good handle. A$ 350 


  #1327    Stanley 12 Scraper Plane Type 1, brass knob marked Patent Aug 31, 1858, replaced cutter, small ding on mouth edge, very hard to got type on.  G+  A$ 325 

d1543 Stanley #20 USA Compass Plane, full size usa cutter, just needs a little clean. A$ 195

  #4100  Stanley Victor No. 20 Circular Plane, T logo iron, circa 1907. Perfect mechanical condition. Nearly half of its original nickel plating remains. A$ 225

  #7018  Stanley Victor #20 compass plane. Plating is 95% with most of the loss on the left side. Right side is remarkably clean and with full plating. Works well. Really fun to use on those less than straight projects as the base is widely adjustable. Great quality. Has a newer replacement blade with banner trademark over Made in USA. A$ 160

  U701  Stanley #20 Compass Plane, 1892 cutter, not much plating, slight pitting on sole. A$ 220

  U702 Stanley Victor # 20 Compass Plane, Stanley rule & level cutter, not much plating left, some pitting on sole. A$ 185

#3420 RARE Henry Boker Germany Compass Plane in the original box, plane has little if any use, first I have seen in this early box. A$ 350 

  #683  Stanley #29 SW Cornering Tool. FINE A$

  #1246  Stanley 29 USA cornering tools, 3/8" and 1/4". A$ 38

  #2016  Stanley 13-030 3 Blade Combination Plane IOB, Made in UK. FINE A$ 110

  #5810  Stanley #39 3/4 Improved Dado Plane, box is a little tatty, but plane is FINE, little or not used. A$ 595

  #5988  Stanley #39 7/8 Dado Plane IOB. A$ 595

  C22  Stanley #39 1/2" Dado Plane, pat aug 12.02, missing one nicker and screw,. A$ 150

  #532  Stanley # 39 1/2 Dado Plane, 95% japanning. G+ A$ 245 sold

  U808A  Stanley #40 Scrub plane, Anton Berg cutter, cracked tote. A$ 120

#2363 Davleco England #040 Grooving PLane in the box, complete. A$ 110

  #1781 Stanley 40 Scrub Plane, replaced cutter, good tote & knob, has a rounded base attached to base made of aluminium, 90& japanning. A$ 135

  #6218  Stanley #40 Scrub Plane USA IOB, nice nice nice. A$ 395

#9255 Early Stanley #40 Scrub Plane, type 1, repaired tote. A$ 145 

  #5189 Stanley #40 1/2 SW Scrub Plane, excellent wood, nice clean plane. A$ 295 

  #887  Union #41 Tongue & Groove plane, replaced cutters. A$ 110 

  #6008  Marples England Small Rebate Plane with all 3 blades, complete. A$ 110 

  #7446 Marples M44 Plough plane in original box with 8 original cutters in their box, box plane came in is a little tatty. A$ 175

#9537 MARPLES No. MA44 Plow Plane, mint in the box. A$ 195

#9479 Stanley #45 Combination Plane, b casting, this is complete except for screwdriver and instructions, no box. A$ 295 
  #9256 Stanley #46 Plane, trauts patent, early type 2, one cutter. A$ 275 
  #8226 Stanley #48 tongue and groove plane, s casting. A$ 155 

  #8227 Stanley #48 tongue and groove plane, nice clean plane. A$ 195 

  #8228 Stanley #49 tongue and groove plane. A$ 175 

 g1365 Stanley #50 England Plough plane, just about unused. $295 

  #4633 Stanley #50 Combination Plane IOB, this box is really nice, UK made, complete. G++++ A$ 295 

#2237 STANLEY No. 50 Plow Plane 100% Complete In Its Original Box, Light rust, but 100% complete. Box is in little pieces now. A$ 220

  #5488  Dead Mint STANLEY No. 50 Plow Plane In Its Original Box. A$ 295

  #1437 Stanley 50 Combination plane, pat sept 11 86, 14 cutters, nice early one. A$ 235 

  #5813 STANLEY No. 50 Plow Plane In Its Original Box. A$ 295

  #3218 Carter C54 Plow Plane, IOB, has 2 cutters and both sets of rods, sold the rest of the cutters in the photo. A$ 135

  #4912 Stanley No. 55 Combination Plane With all 52 Cutters,Script logo ca. 1910-20. No defects.  A$ 795

     #9324 Stanley #55 Combination Plane complete, this one is nice, repaired chip on top of handle. A$ 795

  dd41 Stanley #66 hand beater, completee in the box. $175 

  #1070   Stanley #66 Beeder with one fence and one cutter. A$ 130 

 dd18 Stanley #67 SW Universal spokeshave complete in original box, just about mint. $ 255

  #6429  Stanley #70 Box Scraper with v logo cutter. A$ 80 

  #6430  Stanley #70 Box Scraper with rule and level cutter. A$ 70 

  U826 Stanley 70 box scraper with good R&L cutter. A$ 70 

  W112  Box Scraper, no maker marks, good cutter and wood. A$ 60

#4071 Stanley #70 Box Scraper, USA cutter. G++ A$ 75

#4073 Stanley Box scraper, only markings are the sw cutter. A$ 70

 d8004 Martin's USA all steel pull shave, hard to find. $85 

  U826A Stanley 70 box scraper with good R&L cutter. A$ 60

  #2715 Stanley #70 Box scraper with original SW cutter. Fine A$ 95 

#4279 Stanley #70 Box Scraper SW. A# 75

#4070 Stanley #70 Box Scraper, early, stanley rule and level cutter. G+++ A$ 85 

 dd14 Stanley #71 Router plane complete in original box. $150 sold
 dd16 Stanley #71 Router plane SW just about mint in the box complete. $175
 d8161 Stanley # 71 Router plane 1 cutter, no depth fence, patent 1907.  $ 65
 dd28 Stanley #71 1/2 Router plane marked USA and box marked canada. $175

#1714 Stanley #71 Patent March 4, 1884 router. A$ 125

#2075 Early Design Router Plane with fantastic knobs, 6 3/4" long. A$ 65

  #5012 Stanley #71 type 2, hand router, nice early one. A$ 135

  #3031  Stanley #71 USA Pat'd 9-10-7 Router, great knobs, one cutter, missing depth stop. A$ 75 

  #4098 Minty Stanley No. 71 1/2 Router Plane, A barely used example. A very early script logo, circa 1900. The plane has of itsoriginal nickel plating. The original owner has marked the letter M on the trailing edge of the plane twice. Complete with 2 of the original 3 cutter. A$ 155

  #3617  Stanley #71 1/s Closed Throat Router plane with one cutter, small check in knob. A$ 75

  #2301 Miniature Router 3" long and 1 3/4" wide. A$ 35 

 #2868  Alumo 1A Aluminium Grooving Plane, 11" long. A$ 75 

 dd17 Stanley #78 patent 1910 Rebate plane complete in original box. $ 155

  #4364 Stanley #78 UK Rabbet Plane IOB, complete. A$ 125

  U818Stanley #78 rebate plane, no fence. A$ 38 

  U819  Stanley 78 UK Duplex Plane, both fences, complete. A$ 80 similar to photo, 6 available 

  #2770 WS England #78 Rabbet Plane, no depth or fences. A$ 50 

  #5579 Stanley #78 Rabbet Plane IOB. FINE A$ 135 

  #2771 Ancor Sweden #78 Rabbet Plane, no depth or fences. A$ 45 

  #5821 Stanley #78 USA SW Rabbet Plane IOB, complete, box tatty, tiny bit of cleaning to do, if you need I can do it for you. A$ 155

  #2777 USA #78 Rabbet Plane, no depth or fences.  A$ 50 

  #4488 Stanley #79 UK Double Side Rabbet Plane IOB. A$ 135

  #1872 Stanley 79 UK Double Side Rebate Plane, IOB. FINE A$ 195 

  #2908 Stanley #79 England Double Side Rabbet Plane with fence. G+ A$ 150 

  N829  Stanley #79 UK, full plating, good fence. G++ A$ 175

#4377 Scraper Plane, unmakred heavy 3" wide cutter. A$ 110

#4378 Brass Scraper Plane, unmarked, 2 5/8" cutter. A$ 110

#4379 Ellis Scraper Plane, 2 1/2" blade. A$ 110

#4380 Ellis Scraper Plane, 2 3/8" cutter. A$ 110

#4381 Atkins Scraper Plane, aptent 1905. A$ 110  

  c1392 Stanley #80 Scraper with replaced cutter. A$ 55  sold

  #3071 Stanley #80 UK Scraper, this is new old stock but the original cutter was missing, so it is a replaced cutter, IOB with instructions. A$ 80 3 available 

#2811 Stanley #80 SW Scraper with decal.A$ 95

  #1073Stanley #80 Scraper in the original box. A$ 95

  #8051  STANLEY No. 80M Scraper Plane Mint In The Original Box.  A$ 95

d1542 Stanley #81 Scraper, unmarked cutter. A$ 75

  N815  Stanley #81 Scraper, rosewood bottom, replaced cutter, one screw missing. A$ 110

  #2711 Early Patent Scraper, swivel head, have not found maker but I am sure its there somewhere. G++ A$ 55

#4074 Stanley SW Scraper, nice. A$ 70

#4005 The Dikeman Scraper, paten 1906, early unusual design type, swival head, no issues. A$ 85

#4006 Sterns USA Scraper, has clamp holding handle solid, works great. A$ 45

  d2627 Stanley #82 Scraper Plane. A$ 75 

  d1657 Stanley #82 scraper with original stanley blade. G++ A$ 80 
 g1547 Stanley #82 Hand Scraper, little used. $95   

  #2718 Stanley #82 USA Scraper. G+ A$ 55 

  #2719 L S Starrett Hand Scraper, USA made, swivel head. A$ 55

  g1283 STANLEY NO. 88 CLAPBOARD MARKING GAUGE. . Runs up against the corner boards to exactly mark the siding. $55 ea 
  g1298 STANLEY NO. 89 CLAPBOARD GAUGE. Used to hold clapboard siding in place for measurement and nailing. The gauge slips under the siding board below, and locks into place to hold the current board. Move the handle sideways for a spur to lock them in place. $55 

  #7580 Stanley #90 UK Rebate Plane, no rounder corners on the mouth. A$ 145 

  #4517 Stanley #90 USA Rabbet Plane. FINE A$ 195 

  #5867 Stanley #90 USA Rabbet Plane IOB. A$ 195 

  N830 Stanley #90 UK Bull Nose Rabbet, part decal on front, owners initials on side. G++ A$ 165 

#1345 Stanley #90 Rabbet Plane USA. A$ 145

  N832  Stanley #90 USA SW Bull Nose Rabbet, 50 % plating, good cutter. A$ 165  

  #4449  Stanley #90 UK Bullnose Rabbet Plane, new old stock. A$ 185 2 available 

#1074 Stanley #90 USA Rabbet Plane in the box. A$ 195

#2928 Stanley #90 Rebate Plane, perfect plane except for onwners marks A$ 135 
#9538 Granby Solid Brass Low Angle Shoulder Plane. A$ 95 

#9150 Stanley #90J England Bullnose rabbet plane. A$ 125

  #6106 STANLEY No. 90-J Near Mint In Its Original Box, UK. A$ 165

  #6104 STANLEY No. 90-J Mint In Its Original Box, UK. A$ 155

  #6105 STANLEY No. 90-J Mint In Its Original Box, UK. A$ 175

  #9150 Stanley #90J England Bullnose rabbet plane. A$ 125

  d2379 Stanley 90J England unused bullnose rabbet plane. A$ 155   

  #595  Stanley #90JBullnose Rabbet IOB.   FINE  A$ 150

  d2421 Stanley 12-140 No.92 SW Shoulder Plane Thicker blade made of A2 steel for increased edge retention and reduces chatter. These are new from Stanley A$ 145 ea 

  #4450  Stanley #92 UK Rabbet Plane, new old stock. A$ 235 

  #5868  Stanley #92 UK Rabbet Plane IOB, A$ 245 

  #3738  Stanley #92 UK Rebate Plane, owners name on side but faint. G+ A$ 210 

  #3739 Stanley #92 USA Rebate Plane. G+ A$ 210

  #2751  Stanley #92 UK Rebate Plane, IOB. FINE A$ 235 3 available 

  d2629 Stanley #93 Rabbet Plane England, new old stock. A$ 225 

  #5385  Stanley #93 Rebate Plane, England, owner name engraved otherwise G+++. A$ 175

 #3424 Stanley #93 England Rebate Plane, this is a much earler one made in england. A$ 175

  N823  Stanley #93 UK Rebate Plane. G++ A$ 185 

  #5483 Stanley No. 94 Shoulder Plane, Stanley's largest, 7 1/2" by 1 1/4". An early made in USA version with patent dates on the iron. Not much nickel remains, but the plane is clean and flawless, 3 initials on side.  A$ 600 

  #535 Stanley #94 Rabbet plane, early model, early pat on cutter, tiny tiny chip on edge. A$ 535 

  #931   Stanley 94 Rebate plane, 50% plating, V logo plane with V logo on front button, original full length early cutter, tiny mark in edge near mouth, tiny round on edge of mouth, both of these are in small photo's, small chip on edge of castings, hard to get early model like this. A$ 495

  #570  Stanley #94 Large Rabbet Plane, this one has been chromed and the small disc in front is missing, I k left off when re chromed. G+ A$ 495

c1158 Stanley #95 SW Champher plane. A$ 195

  #5987   Stanley #95 Edge Plane IOB. MINT A$ 595 

  #4247 Stanley #95 Type 1 Edge Plane, pat 5.14.13, tiny pit mark on sole, rare to get type 1. A$ 225

  #1463 Stanley 95 Edge Plane, nice clean plane, full cutter. G++ A$ 275

  #1497 Stanley 95 Edge Trim Block Plane pat 5.14.12, looks to be Type 1, excellent cutter, 90% japanning, just a great early model plane. A$ 325 

  #5916 Lee Valley England Chisel Plane, as new. A$ 38 

  Z47  Veritas Invisible Nailing Kit. NEW. A$ 30 

#2935 Stanley #98/99 Side Rabbet Planes, USA. A$ 350

  #4495 Stanley #98/99 Side Rabbet Planes, original log cutters, v logo and early rule and level. A$ 395

c1056 Stanley USA #98/99 Side Rabbets with v logo cutters. A$ 350

 #9324 Stanley #98 and 99 Side Rebate Planes, both have fences and SW cutters. A$ 385 

  #1042  Stanley 112 Scraper Plane?, replaced cutter, some pitting on sole, marked 12, no other makers marked.      A$ 210 

  #4723 Stanley #112 Scraper Plane, very early no markings other than on brass knob with patent 1858, replaced cutter, good rosewood tote and beaded front knob with small check. A$ 375 

d8144 Kunz Germany 112 larger scraper plane.  $ 185

d1568 Stanley #112 Scraper plane, nice rosewood tote and knob, replaced cutter, ready to use. A$ 350
d1567 Stanley #112 Scraper plane, nice rosewood tote and knob, very nice thick replaced cutter, ready to use. A$ 395

  #4227 Kunz #112 Scraper Plane, Germany, just like the Stanley. G++ A$ 175 

  #4375 Stanley type one 112 with proper j logo chamfered corners cutter. awesome tool! A$ 435 

  #3408 Stanley #112 Scraper, replaced Stanley cutter, fantastic tote and knob, 90% original japanning. A$ 425

#4561 Stanley #113 type 1 compass Plane, very nice and clean. A$ 295
#4661 German Compass Plane, looks like a Kunz with bakerlite knob. A$ 175

  #7725  Stanley #113 Compass plane, nice early model, good full blade, nice and clean. A$ 235 

  #7028 Stanley #113 Compass Plane, plane cap but original marked 113 on back of cap, silver colour is paint, will clean up good. A$ 185 

  #7769 Stanley #113 Compass plane, nice early model, good full early blade, a little pitting in one corner of base. A$ 200 

  #5051  Stanley #113 Compass Plane, 1892 cutter, clean sole, G+ A$ 225

  #2307 Kunz #113 Germany Compass Plane, original cutter, very nice clean plane, this is the older model. A$ 245 

d2202 Stanley #113 Compass Plane, clean as you will find. A$ 275  sold

  #860  Stanley #113 Type 1 Compass Plane, all original including cutter, one small chip on edge of dovetail joint. G+ A$ 255 

 #861  Stanley #113 Compass Plane. A$ 195  

d1910 St anley #140 Skew Block plane, one replaced fence screw, looks like pins in fence have been redone, nice user. A$ 160

  #5814 Stanley #148 Tongue & Groove Plane IOB. FINE A$ 395 

  U801 Stanley #148 7/8"Match plane, 95% original plating, one cutter replace, very nice plane. A$ 230 

  U802A   Stanley USA #190 Rebate plane, V logo, 80% japanning, no fences. A$ 75 

  #773 Stanley #190 Rabbet Plane IOB, box tatty otherwise FINE A$ 245 

  U802B  Stanley USA #191 Rebate Plane, SW can cutter, 60% Japanning. A$ 65 

  U803A  Stanley 193 Fibre board plane, this looks complete except no cutters. A$ 195

  N807 Small Router with one cutter, 4" long. A$ 45 

  #774  Stanley #248A Weatherstrip plane with 7 cutters IOB. box not as good as plane. FINE A$ 225

  d6061 Stanley #271 England small router. $ 65     

  #8037  Stanley #271 Router Plane, uk. A$ 85

  #8031  Stanley #271 Router Plane, IOB. A$ 110

  #8032  Stanley #271 Router Plane, IOB. A$ 120

  #8033 Stanley #271 Router Plane, IOB. A$ 120

  #2187 Stanley 271 Miniature Router, UK IOB. FINE A$ 125 5 available 

  #4493  Stanley #271 Miniature Router Plane UK, IOB. A$ 125 

  U817B Stanley #271 Copy small router. A$ 40 

  #4519 Stanley #278 Complete, 85% japanning, part decal on plane. A$ 395

   d1059 Stanley #292 scrapers, new old stock, with box. A$ 75 with no box 1 only $65 

#4008 Stanley #292 USA Hand Scraper, nice clean, no issues. A$ 60

  #7046  Union #311 Compass Plane, just about perfect. A$ 235 

  #4494 Stanley #378 Weatherboard Plane IOB. A$ 395  

 dd19 Stanley #386 Jointer Fence patent 1913 with instructions in original box. $ 255

  #751  Stanley #386 Jointer Gauge, top left cracked off end otherwise G+ A$ 95 

#9177 Sterns Jointer Fence. A$ 125

    #3802  Sterns USA Jointer fence complete. A$ 110 
    #3808  Clifton 420 Shoulder Plane, england as new in original box. A$ 295  

  #5371  Clifton #410 Rebate Plane IOB, unused. A$ 295 

  #3628 Clifton #410 11/16" wide Rebate Plane, fantastic user, small crack just above the N, this crack does not go threw to the other side and is solid, very nice clean mouth. A$ 240 

  #4432 CLINTON 410 ENGLAND On the blade adjustment shows: CLINTON 410 SHEFFIELD MADE IN ENGLAND This plane has never been used. A$ 295 2 available

  U823 Radi-Plane USA New. A$ 45 

  N806 Wrightsville Hardware Co No-7 Ice Shave. A$ 85

  U827 Chamfer plane or fibro edging plane, v base, cast aluminium. A$ 35 7 variations are available